Wallet (NodeJS)

Ethereum Blockchain Wallet implementing Green Energy semantics for Corrently based decentralized capacity market. Making digital energy infrastructure of tomorrow accessible to anyone today.


Using distributed ledger technology it should be easy to buy energy generation capacity (parts of PV plants, Windparks, etc...) and gain value (electricity) from this digital this property. Aim of CorrentlyWallet is to have a library that takes advantage of Blockchain, Renewable Energy Generation and modern WebTechnology.


No Registration or Identification

A wallet could be generated localy (even in browser) during runtime. Provides access to latest crypto wallets and privacy protection tactics.

OTC/P2P Assignment of generation capacity

Moving parts (shares) from one entity to another does not require a middleman. Provides ability to trade locally produced electricity as capacity backed by contracts.

Decentralized asset registry for energy assets (cadastral)

A decentralized device registry capable of registering a generation facility with attributes like OEM, capacity, operating specs, calibration criterion. Providing a reputation score based on the device performance (see performance monitoring); Provides mechanism to create blacklist of rogue devices.

GDPR compliance (Right to be forgotten)

Using 'wallet.deleteData(address)' allows to delete all referenced data and destroy bindings. It requires to have access to privateKey of account. It might be obvious, but this function has no undo.


via Package Manager npm

npm -i correntlywallet



Households receive 1 Corrently (digital currency) per 1 Kilo-Watt-Hour consumption.


A CORI is a ERC20-Token 0x725b190bc077ffde17cf549aa8ba25e298550b18 backed by 1 Kilo-Watt-Hour generation per year.